M.Y.Yoganathan is a bus conductor from Tamil Nadu who has single handedly planted 76,000 trees in 28 years. He has made commendable efforts to rescue injured wildlife and has been working with young people to create awareness about conservation.
Chewang Norphel is popularly known as ‘The Glacier Man’ for his efforts to save and make artificial glaciers in Ladakh. At 62 he is still actively working towards his vision of generating water and greenery in the barren landscape of Ladakh.
Madhu Bhatnagar has been working towards bringing about change in young minds towards protecting wildlife and nature. She has initiated projects like rain water harvesting systems, zero garbage zones and grey water recycling to inspire actionable change.
G.V.Reddy’s work has exemplified the dictum ‘One can make a difference, a lasting difference at that’. He stood up for the cause of conserving Tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve from poachers when many other officials would just turn a blind eye to the tiger’s plight.
Suraj Mewara is devoted towards saving the environment and nature. This young eco warrior has formed a club in his community to protect snakes on agricultural land and also create awareness about issues such as use of plastic, cutting trees, saving water bodies etc.
Tilak Vij is a business man who also works as a ground level activist in Himachal Pradesh towards reforestation in the state. He has helped set up water harvesting projects and is now helping set up a leopard conservation centre with the state government.
Sonya Ghosh has fought a legal battle for a habitation exclusively for monkeys and with orders from the honorable high court relocated them in the Asola wildlife sanctuary. She is now working towards sterilization of street dogs for their protection.
Monali Manohar Warwade is a teenage school girl who is utilizing her hobby of art to propagate the message of conservation of natural resources. She makes greeting cards, posters and pamphlets from waste material to make people aware about pollution.
Madhulal Valliate works with animals in distress and suffering. He went beyond the call of duty to save the lives of two elephants that had been badly burnt in a major fire in Amer. His timely presence also helped in saving a dying elephant which collapsed on a Jaipur road.
Komal Parakh and Mahesh Prakash’s tireless and consistent commitment over three years has helped to sensitize local communities in Chhattisgarh. They are working towards the creation of an elephant village in partnership with the government.
Brahamanand Pandey’s work in the remote regions of eastern UP Baral Gunj resulted in saving the life of dolphins in the tributary of the River Ganges, Surju nadi. He has formed an Earth Matters club and holds regular awareness camps to inspire elimination of plastic and reforestation.
Rahul Rohitashwa is a young member of the Earth matters club in Bihar. Inspired by the Earth Matters series he formed a nature club and participated in various conservation and awareness activities. The club is working continuously by conducting seminars, competitions and tree planting drives.
Dr. D.N.Choudhary has been involved at the grass root level, campaigning against the poaching of migratory birds in Bhagalpur and the surrounding areas. He has also been running extensive campaigns against the trade and illegal poaching of wildlife and specially birds and river dolphins.
Abdul Wadud Banatwala has been a crucial part of the success in stopping the merciless killing of the Whale sharks along the Gujarat coast. He has been working towards the protection of whale sharks since 1992 by organizing awareness campaigns through film screenings and get-togethers for fishermen.
John Abraham has been working, away from the media eye, with the grass root communities for animal welfare. His commitment towards the elephants will help towards realizing the country’s first elephant village in Maharashtra which is an effort to return these wild animals back to their natural home.