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Earth Matters Foundation is a Delhi based not for profit trust that is working towards conservation of natural resources, environment and wildlife conservation, education and awareness generation.
Education and adequate dissemination of information is necessary to spread awareness and conserve environment and wildlife. EMF works towards spreading awareness, bringing people together, inspiring and motivating them to take action, starting from the grass root level upwards. Building capacities and empowering people are crucial to this united cause.

In India today over 500 million people are below the age of 25 and 890 million people are under the age of 45. Our outreach programs and films reach and talk to the youth who are the future decision makers of the country. India has the largest population of young people in the world and therefore it is imperative that we generate awareness and educate them for an environmentally secure future. Our films are also used as a medium to advocate among key policy makers and decision makers at the political level.

In the past our hard-hitting films have made a difference and have proved that films are a powerful medium by which protection for a species can be brought about.

Our films ‘Shores of Silence – whale sharks in India’ in 2000 brought about legislative changes for the whale shark not only in India but also internationally. Similarly in 2004 and 2007 Vanishing Giants and Vanishing Vultures brought about protection for elephants and for vultures.

Environment and Wildlife is resilient but needs your help. Your support to Earth Matters Foundation will ensure that crucial steps are taken towards preservation and conservation of our natural world and empowerment of our citizens.

About Mike Pandey
Filmmaker and Conservationist…
"Al Gore wasn't the first person to use a movie to help save the world. In India, the effort to protect everything from whale sharks to elephants, vultures to medicinal plants owe a debt to prolific wildlife-documentary maker Mike H. Pandey." - TIME Magazine.

Mike Pandey is a crusader for the environment and for endangered species. He is nationally and internationally renowned for his high caliber and powerful films and is one of India's most accomplished and iconic nature filmmakers. Mike has waged a three-decade war to defend India's wildlife and environment. Mike was declared Hero of the Environment along with Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed and Cameron Diaz in the October 2009 issue of Time magazine. This is a global recognition for India's green initiative and conservation efforts.

Mike has been the recipient of three Green Oscars. In 1994, he became the first Asian producer/director to win the Wildscreen Panda Award, also known as the Green Oscar, for his film The Last Migration - Wild Elephant Capture in Sarguja. He subsequently went on to win two more Green Oscars, the second one in 2000, for his film Shores of Silence - Whale Sharks in India, which led to the ban on the killing of whale sharks on Indian shores, and the third one for his film The Vanishing Giants - a news feature which exposed the cruel and archaic methods of capture being used for elephants and led to the ban of outdated techniques of wild elephant capture in India.

He has also been awarded the Presidents award - Rajiv Gandhi Wildlife Conservation Award and was also presented with The Golden Giraffe International Award in France, which is the highest award for conservation in France. Other than these he has been a recipient of many national and international awards.

His powerful films and they are a living proof of the difference one individual can make in bringing about changes locally, nationally and globally.

Links to: http://www.youtube.com/user/themikepandeychannel


Contribute to Earth Matters Foundation to help us reach out to people at the grass root level.

Your support and contribution to Earth Matters Foundation ensures that crucial steps are taken towards preservation and conservation of our natural world and empowerment of our citizens.

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