Road Safety
EarthMatters Foundation through its sister concern Hubert Ebner (India) Pvt Ltd comprising a team of over 40 Trainers spread all over India is catering Pan India and even to neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Nepal. HE India has been rendering its services to BRAC, Bangladesh which is the largest NGO of the world bringing about a change in Road Safety culture in Bangladesh through trainings & intervention. The Trainers are well trained and oriented as per International standards and guidelines under the standards and practices laid down by our parent company in Austria and reviewed annually.
Earth Matters Foundation partners with organizations and individuals to help find solutions to relevant environment and conservation issues aiming to work both in rural and urban areas. The key is to talk to the communities at the grass root level and the youth of the country who will be the future decision makers.
We use films to sensitise children to social and environmental issues, covering topics like wildlife conservation, water, pollution, health awareness etc.
Hands for Trees
As our cities grow it is imperative that we keep developing a green cover. This will ensure healthy air for the city, recharge of our ground water reserves, control dust and noise pollution.
‘Hands for trees’ is an initiative started by Earth Matters Foundation to plant trees across schools, residential areas and in institutions during the monsoons. .
Eco Clubs
Through our ongoing environmental series ‘Earth Matters’ on Doordarshan, media coverage and online forum activities a large number of Eco clubs have been established across the country. There are no specific data available as to how many Earth Matters eco-clubs exist in India but EMF receives letters every week from members who are doing various activities like tree planting, cleanliness drives, waste management etc.

Contribute to Earth Matters Foundation to help us reach out to people at the grass root level.

Your support and contribution to Earth Matters Foundation ensures that crucial steps are taken towards preservation and conservation of our natural world and empowerment of our citizens.

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