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Earth Matters Foundation believes that positive and long lasting change is possible through educating and generating awareness among the youth and children – the future decision makers of the country. We believe the key to development in India and the entire developing world is Education.

The foundation has established the EMF Education Fund to support young students from different parts of the country for completing their education. Our goal is to see the children go from primary school through University.
The thrust is especially in areas where children have no access to infrastructure or resources.

The Foundation relies on scholarships to ensure that the children are able to continue their education.
With help from friends and an expanding network of believers in education EMF has been supporting children with scholarships. WE aim to increase the number of students who are provided with scholarships. The scholarship program is now two years old and will expand if the funding increases.  We hope to secure enough funds to ensure that every student that is supported is able to finish graduation.

School tuition for each student is just Rs. 600 a month. While this number may seem small to us, it is a big amount for families from underprivileged backgrounds to be able to afford. Most families have more than two children and the result is the children don’t make it to school – another generation deprived of education – a viscious circle of poverty and lack of opportunities.

It may be hard to believe, but you can sponsor a whole year of school education and a few basic materials for as low as Rs. 7,500 and change a students life forever.

To donate please contact our office:
Projects Co-ordinator
+91 11 26410684
Donation options:
Basic Tuition Rs. 7,500/- per year. This package covers the minimal requirement of the school fees
Tuition & Materials Rs. 10,000/- per year. For just Rs. 2,500/- more you can cover the school fees, basic school supplies, uniform, bag and travel
Tuition, Materials & Health Rs. 15,000/- per year. Assure a child’s education and wellness by covering their school fees, basic school supplies, uniform, book bag, additional fees, and medical budget
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