Shores of Silence - Whale Sharks in India
  (A film on the Conservation of Whale Sharks in India)
Timeless Traveler - The Horseshoe Crab
(A Film on Horseshoe Crab Conservation)
Last Migration - Wild Elephant Capture in Sarguja
  Last Migration - Wild Elephant Capture in Sarguja
Vanishing Giants
  (A news feature on the capture and death of a young Tusker)
Kalpavriksha - The Legacy of the forests
  (A Film on Medicinal Plants, Indigenous People and Traditional Medicines)
Vanishing Vultures
  (A film on Vulture conservation in India)
Return of the Ridley
  (A conservation film documenting the challenges of the Olive Ridley Turtles)
Tobacco -The Silent Killer
  (An awareness film on Tobacco)
Honey Hunters of the Blue Mountain
  (The way of living of the Kurumba Tribals of the Nilgiris)
Magic of Life
  (Animated awareness film for children on the web of life)
Chakravyuh - The Eternal Cycle
  (A Film on AIDS awareness)
Fragile Web
  (A film on the delicate balance that exists in nature and the interdependence of all life-forms)
Kurumbas - Children of the Blue Mountain
The fragile web, 22 minutes
  (A film on the delicate balance that exists in nature and the interdependence of all life-forms)
Kurumbas - Children of the Blue Mountain
Climate Change and Agriculture
  (A film on the impact of the changing weather pattern on agriculture and the threat it poses)
Global Warming and Climate Change
  (A film depicting the implications of climate change affecting our daily life)
Sunderbans and Climate Change
  (The film documents this unique low-lying ecosystem being affected by climate change)
Western Ghats: Forest in the Changing Climate
  (The film looks at effects of climate change in the western ghats and initiatives that can help)
Coral Reefs - Rainforests of the Ocean
  (The film explores the underwater world of oceans and the bio-diversity the coral reefs support.)
  (An awareness film on the ill effects of pesticides on our health and environment)
GM Crops
  (This film explores genetically modified crops and how they threaten our indigenous varieties)
  (This film documents the pollution caused by extensive use of plastics and its implications)
Rainwater Harvesting
  (The film stresses on the importance of rainwater harvesting for future water security)
  (This film explores the importance of the Ozone layer and how it is threatened)
Wonders of the Ocean
  (This film explores the world of oceans....a repository of incredible biodiversity)
Butterflies & Bees : Flagship Pollinators
  (This film emphasises the importance of pollinators and the ecological role they play)
Wetland & Saras Cranes
  (This film highlights the threat wetlands are facing with other species that depend on them)
  (This film explores the world of one of the least understood creatures in the world)
  (An awareness film on forests to explain their importance in the ecological cycle)
Mangroves and Sundarbans
  (A film on the importance of Mangroves and the support Sundarbans provides to communities)
Snakes and Reptiles
  (This film showcases the importance of the snakes in the food chain and how that affects us)
Lions & Siddhies
  (The film explores through the jungles of Gir, habitat of the Asiatic lion and the tribal communities like siddhies)
Water Pollution
  (The film explains the repercussion of constant abuse of water resources)

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