Road Safety
Hubert Ebner India Pvt. Ltd. (HE India) is an Indo Austria venture working diligently on developing the driving skills in India for the past 19 years through rich training modules and methods along with a plethora of products and services on Road Safety Management as Pioneers of Road Safety in India.
Education, information and adequate dissemination are necessary requirements to spread awareness and conserve environment and wildlife. Our outreach programs and films reach and talk to the youth who are the future decision makers of the country.
In the past our hard-hitting films have made a difference and have proved that films are a powerful medium by which protection for a species and awareness among the masses can be brought about.
Big Indian cities produce 3000 tonnes of waste everyday at the least. Most of this reaches dumps that are illegal and toxic for our ground water. Till our cities get a planned and efficient waste management programme, this situation is likely to continue.
Craft from waste
Reusing waste materials is a fantastic way to cut down on the junk we throw out everyday. It's also a way to save the environment by reusing items that may otherwise end up in a landfill. With a little bit of creativity and the ability to see objects not as they are but what they could be, crafting with recycled materials can be a cost-effective, rewarding experience that has the potential to yield unexpected results!
Book and paper making
Handmade papers have a special quality all of their own. Whether delicate and subtle or robust and vibrant, no two sheets are the same. The process of making a sheet of paper is fun and great way of using organic material in a creative way! Learn how to create a series of stunning handmade papers and bind your very own book using them!.

Contribute to Earth Matters Foundation to help us reach out to people at the grass root level.

Your support and contribution to Earth Matters Foundation ensures that crucial steps are taken towards preservation and conservation of our natural world and empowerment of our citizens.

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