Elephant Conservation
The Elephant is fighting a tough battle for survival. In India, an estimated 26,000 elephants survive in the wild. Rapid habitat destruction and conflicts with humans are serious issues. The established corridors are fragmented and not enough to sustain the elephant populations.
The Return Of The Tiger
Today, there are only 2,500 Tigers left in the world. Out of these more than 50% are found in India. This makes India a unique custodian of this Natural Heritage. The tiger apex of the pyramid of the food chain, sustains the fragile interdependent web of life thereby, keeping our eco-system intact.
Horseshoe Crab Campaign
The horseshoe crab is the oldest living fossil that exists today and dates back to 562 million years back. This specie that has remained unchanged for millions of years could rewrite modern medical history. Research on the horseshoe crab has revealed that it's blood holds the cure for osteoporosis, cancer and can even neutralize the HIV and tuberculosis infected cells.
Broken Wings
India was home to the largest vulture population of the world. Less than two decades ago, they numbered more than eight million. Today, barely a few thousand survive. Vultures are a crucial link in the food chain freeing the environment of dead, decaying carcass. In India the municipal system is still not efficient enough to handle the disposal of carcasses.
Whale Shark Conservation
Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world. The lifestyle of these warm water giants is an enigma to man. Largely found in the warm waters of Australia, they migrate to India during summers. But surprisingly none knew that this giant creature - whale shark existed on the Indian coastline.

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