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Today, there are only 2,500 Tigers left in the world. Out of these more than 50% are found in India. This makes India a unique custodian of this Natural Heritage. The tiger apex of the pyramid of the food chain, sustains the fragile interdependent web of life thereby, keeping our eco-system intact.

To safeguard our Natural Heritage it is quintessential to sensitize the masses about the importance of this giant cat. The Return of the Tiger is a nationwide campaign to protect the Tiger. The aim is to help citizens understand the issue in a holistic manner and see a connection between the protection of the tiger and conservation of ecosystems, forests, our cultural ethos and our own lives. The first step is a film that would act as a catalyst to ignite a nationwide movement for bringing about awareness and creating legislative changes to protect the Tiger.

The project does not end at the film. To further this initiative Sacred Groves or the peoples' forest would be created wherein, land would be procured outside national parks, to let the forest grow and regenerate. To take the pressure off and save the forests we need to empower and create revenue-generating schemes for the local and tribal communities. For this, a small part of the land procured will go towards creating small farms to produce cash crops and the revenue generated will be shared with them to enable them to run their homes.

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